Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Who is Salieri Really Worshiping?

The 1984 Oscar bagger  Amadeus is one of my ten favorite movies. It is of course a showcase of Mozart's timeless music, but it also asks some deep questions of our inner motives when we worship God. 
     It is too easy to dismiss the Austrian court composer Salieri (albeit partly fictitious) as evil, but those who carefully watch the inner workings of his mind will realize that something deeper and universal is at play here. This movie asks each of us a personal question we all want to avoid:  What is it that I really worship?

The YouTube clip I have linked here is one of the key scenes which explore this theme. Maestro Antonio Salieri the Composer to Emperor Joseph himself, had as a child bequeathed his life to the glory of God, and prayed that he would become composer who celebrated God, and be celebrated himself. But in comes a "smutty, infantile boy" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Salieri's world turns upside down.

The scene is not only funny but the precursor of revelation of a profound truth -- are we worshiping ourselves when we think we are worshiping God? Is it an ego trip? Is that the cardinal error Salieri committed? When he realizes that God chose an indisciplined boy as His instrument, why otherwise did he become another Count Dracula? Wasn't it because he using his belief as an "investment?" Isn't it what we all do when we believe? In that case what is spiritual about such an ego trip? How is it different from running after money, fame, wealth, glory, pleasure, power? I cannot see any difference at all. What about you?